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Greek Islands Taverna

Ladoregano (x2)


$9.00 per bottle + tax


Our signature Ladoregano ® Sauce that we’ve kept a family secret for so long is now available for you to take home or ship. Our famed sauce, used to flavor most of our signature dishes such as our lamb chops, ribs, chickens, steaks, octopus, fish and vegetables has been bottled up and available to buy instore and ship in the continental united states!

“From our kitchen to yours- lets eat like family!” -Chef Sotiri

Product should be stored cold and not left at room temperature longer than 5 days due to the fresh lemon juice in the sauce. If stored cold, product has a best-by date of approximately 4 months.

All shipping order sales are final- no exchanges, refunds, credits or cancellations

Orders will be processed and shipped the following business day

Orders placed on Friday will be shipped Monday (except holidays)

Order cut off time is 5:00 PM EST

2 day priority shipping

Pack size: 4 bottles

Price: $50 (plus tax)

US only (Canada available soon)

How To Use

Pour generously over your seafood, meats, poultry and vegetables after you’ve cooked them! Not to be used as a marinade.